Because you believed and trusted me, thank you all so much, tons of love and appreciation!


Family and Friends who pushed me to continue and not to stop, who were present on my gigs and even took time and so much effort to film me, I will never ever forget that! Es bleibt in meinem Herzen, genauso wie ihr alle! I LOVE YOU!



JOSIP GONZO KROLO together with his band GONZO N FRIENDS for giving me the chance and introducing me to the broader part of music life here in Germany, vielen lieben Dank!




MIKE FRANK, mein Stern CHRISTIN KIEU and the rest of the big, exceptionally talented family of ME AND THE HEAT for accepting me with open arms, I am so grateful! (



To my music partner in crime, FLORIAN GEIBEL, the Piano Man, because he adores me, I adore him more! Thank you for having me by your side and for believing and nurturing my musicality! You're the best!




PARTYFÜRSTEN , for not having any doubts of welcoming me in their family, who believes on what I can contribute to the group. Ich bin einfach sehr froh eine Party Fürstin zu sein, vielen Dank!




CARSTEN BEST and FRIENDS for appreciating my devotion for entertainment. Thank you for the trust and for always letting me feel that I belong!





MCO BAND , my brothers in Bad Rappenau, thank you for the rock and roll journey with you guys!



RUDI WAGNER for including me to their gigs , I am very thankful!



MARKUS ZIMMERMANN and the HEARTS CLUB BAND (ARNO SÄLZER , BORIS ANGST) for giving me the concert experience of a lifetime, God blessed me you!



ASHLEY WHITED, FRANK ROGERS, RHEINHOLD SCHULZ (GUGGENBACH BUAM) and PLAN Z for helping me in my start, keeping and treasuring me up until now, thank you so much!


Bands and artists who invited me to some of their gigs, FREDDY WONDER COMBO, GROOVE INC., UNISEVEN, IN JOY, PETER OEHLER BAND,  RIVER SOUND EXPRESS, and HARAS FYRE .


HERR GUY RAMON for the recommendation, moral, spiritual and vocal support. I am deeply warmed by your presence in my life!


Musicians, Prominents and Colleagues, whom I shared the stage with, big or small, in Asia, back home and here in Europe, thank you for the honor and for all the inspiring words.


Fascinating photos and videos from CP MALEK and his very artistic wife NICOLE MALEK, bin so dankbar dass ich euch habe! (



Ofcourse, wonderful and countless Me and the Heat Mittwoch Session photos from KLAUS LEIBOLD, du bist ein Geschenk! Website and maybe once in a lifetime photos from ZERO PHOTO WORKS, you guys are amazing!